Stories of Faith

Statement of Faith Video, by Lydia

Click Here to view Lydia’s Statement of Faith video project.

Statement of Faith, by Kodey

Hello my name is Kodey. I currently am in ninth grade and attend the Owatonna High School. I enjoy playing baseball football and hockey. I also like hanging out with my friends at the hockey rink the baseball field or the football field. I believe my sense of humor, creativity and my want to win are all things that makes me who I am. I think that God has given me all of the things that I have right now and I will have in the future. God has blessed me with a very supportive family as I grow my faith.

I believe that the Father is the maker of all things, the creator of the universe. The son is the human form of God that came to earth to show us all the way that God wants us to act, pray, and worship. The Holy Spirit is God inside of us helping us make decisions and choices. I think all of the parts of the trinity are very important in knowing about God and all of His creations on earth and throughout the universe. I sometimes can see the Holy Spirit throughout the world. To me I think the Holy Spirit is in action when someone does a good deed or does something nice for anyone but themselves.

I think God’s plan for us is to live life to its fullest and treat others how we would like to be treated. I think God wants us to succeed in all of our personal goals on to respect everyone and everything. My life has changed by acknowledging my role that God has for me. I pray more and I think about God more and about all that He has given me and done for me. I can see God acting on earth more now too. I can see the Holy Spirit acting on people and guiding them to do good things.

I will stay connected to the church by continuing to come to church on Sundays and worshiping God. I will continue my personal relationship with God by praying, coming to church on Sundays, and Wednesdays while I still can. I will share my faith with others by sharing my experiences with others around the church and my friends and family and anyone else wanting some guidance. I will continue to build my faith as I grow up and become an adult.

My Journey, by Michael

My name is Michael. I am 16 years old. I attend Owatonna Senior High and I am a Sophomore. My name has great meaning to my parents. My first name is in remembrance of my dad’s father, my Grandpa Mike. He passed away in 1985 at the young age of 35. My middle name is in remembrance of my Great Uncle David, his is my Grandpa’s brother who was killed at the age of 18 in the Vietnam War. So my journey with faith happened before I entered the real world. Click Here to read Michael’s full Story of Faith

What I Experience at Associated Church, by Nancy

Associated is a place, a church, and people committed to living and worshiping with joy and caring. We care for the hidden wholeness in each other; we care for justice and kindness in our society; we care about thinking with open minds and devoted hearts; and we care about saving the beauty and integrity of the environment for future generations.

Because we care about these things, we seek to reflect these values in our church’s programs. Being an Open and Affirming Church, we commit ourselves to equal and utmost respect for all persons, we seek to put forward genuine hospitality, and to offer opportunities to develop significant relationships. We seek to develop empowering leadership skills in all ages which enable us to serve at and beyond the congregation.

Our faith is rooted in Jesus Christ, whom we endeavor to follow in the radical way of dynamic Christianity. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally, we view God as a living Presence but not a dominating parent in the sky, that Jesus is a person of the Spirit and of saving wisdom but not a sacrifice to an offended God.

We seek to create engaging worship, theological discipline and discovery, social justice and dignity, and collegial leadership across the lifespan. And we invite you to join us in this exciting spiritual pathway!

My Convictions:
  • We live within the presence of a mysterious God.
  • Understanding God invites us into a lifetime of unlimited listening to questions with no discernible answers in the present.
  • God is the connection which energizes our ability to recognize the profound ways we impact each other’s lives.
  • We recognize that it is with each other’s protection that lives are lived.
  • God calls us to be creating lives of intentional justice and purpose-filled caring.
  • Our fate rests in our ability to be courageous stewards of God’s creation with our heads, and hearts, and hands.

Statement of Faith, by Helen

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting Life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.”

“Though shall love the Lord they God with all thy heart, with all they soul and with all they mind. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

In accepting the above as the basic tenet of my faith and as the guiding principle of my life, I have also accepted God as the one true God, as a living God and as the Holy Father of Jesus Christ and of all mankind. I know he is a loving God first of all, because he sent his only son that the world should be saved. Through the teachings of Jesus I know that God is not wrathful or full of vengeance, but that he has revealed himself as the Light of the World, that he is kind, helpful and forgiving. I know that in time of trouble he is ever ready to strengthen and to guide.

I believe that all that I have, all that I am, all that I can be is possible through the grace and power of God. I also believer, therefore, that I should live a Christian life not only because o what Jesus taught, but to repay God for the wealth of goodness he has given me. To life a Christian life merely because I have been taught to do so would be empty, to so live in order to quality myself for the greater benefits God makes available to believers in him would be selfish; to try living a Christian life to escape the consequences of not doing so would be only fear, and would therefore fail. I therefore base my desire to live a Christian life on my love for God, and for the good that can be accomplished by so living.

I believe sin is any act, deed or thought knowingly committed in apposition to the teachings of Jesus and the Commandments of God. It is conscious wrong-doing. A motorist driving for the first time in a strange city who violates a traffic regulation is not punished for this wrong-doing because he had no knowledge of the regulations of that city. God would not condemn the uncivilized Igarats or Zulu, because he has not been exposed to God. As long as a man is ignorant, he can be excused; once informed he must assume responsibility for the duty which that knowledge places upon him. Sin is often violations of the basic principles of Christian fellowship; principles that are often dismissed as unimportant because of their simplicity and commonness. These violations are revealed by greed, selfishness, hatred, malicious gossip and prejudicial thoughts and actions. Much sin is sin of omission or negation. To observe most of the Ten Commandments is but to observe the “must-nots.” But how about the “musts?” Every negative action has its antithesis in the positive of that action. A life in which there is no error, no violation of the “must-nots” is not life at all, but a complete void. A helping hand not proffered, a word of encouragement or advice unsaid can be sin as surely as murder or adultery.

I believe politically, the church must have absolute freedom from Governmental and other man-made control. It is the symbol of God on earth and is his tool against the force of evil. In the fulfillment of the basic teachings of Jesus, however, it is inseparable from the political, economic and social life of all nations. People make up a nation: a nation’s domestic or foreign policies are but a composite view of the ideas and beliefs of it’s’ people. Therefore, for the church to maintain an aloofness to the economic and political problems of its nation is to deny the very existence of the living church itself. Only through a living, alert and active church can the life of the states of this nation, the life of the nations and its relationship with all nations of the world be improved. I believe the world of today is in dire need of a church that teaches and lives a practical application of Christian principles to everyday life as it involves our relationship with people of nations. The time for theory is past, the time for action is at hand. Only through the church, as the true representative of God’s way of life, can world brotherhood, unity and peace be achieved.